TART-UFO — pronounced [tarˈtuːfo]; meaning "truffle" it refers both to the flavour of the butter inside and outside design where the packaging TART shaped and is flying saucer looking (UFO)


Only natural ingredients are used with organic grass fed butter and absolutely nothing artificial.

Organic Truffle Butter is The Way Forward


Truffle butter is one of the few best kept secrets of many renowned chefs when it comes to enhancing flavours of their dishes.

Truffle butter is one of the ways in which you could improve and enhance the flavour of your dishes.

By simply adding TART-UFO to your dishes you will add the depth of flavour and enhance the taste and performance of your dishes by adding the mysterious yet satisfying creamy texture and earthy depth with truffle indulgence which you cannot get enough of regardless whether its a sweet or savoury dish.

At TART-UFO we use only the best organic grass fed butter and enhance the flavour of the butter by adding white truffles and black truffles.

By simply adding TART-UFO to your dishes you will any dish bursting with flavours and the butter add that extra kick and take your dish to the next level up.

Finest Italian truffles combined with the premium UK sourced organic butter will make sure to make your dinner party or a dish being the one your guests will be talking about and make sure you rise above the with the sophisticated combinations of flavours.

Some of the examples of how to serve it include spreading truffle butter on the baguette or having TART-UFO with freshly baked sourdough bread.

Add a dollop of truffle butter to your mashed potatoes, risotto or pasta.

Have TART-UFO with Steaks or chicken.

Brighten up your breakfast by adding truffle butter to your omelette in the pan just before serving to make sure the delicate flavour doesn't cook off and just about melts into the omelette.

Have TART-UFO with asparagus or add it to other vegetables.

All foodies should be aware that there are truffle butters and then there is TART-UFO.

Best kept secret in the foodies cupboards and at the heart of many successful dinner parties.

Lastly to add that you may use it for cooking, however its not recommended to do so, as you may lose some of the depth of flavour and some of the taste may cook off.

The best way to get maximum out of the flavour and have the rich taste and deep aroma is to add it to the warm dishes or to the hot dish to allow the aroma to get around and allow the taste and aroma to mix through and have that unforgettable deep rich truffle aroma and taste.

TART-UFO will make your dish comparable with award winner chefs and the truffle flavour throughout the dishes whether its scrambled eggs, steak, risotto, couscous or anything else.


The possibilities are endless.


Choose TART-UFO as a default butter for your household.



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