Your New Secret Ingredient - Rich Organic Truffle Butter

Black and white truffles are a fungus, like mushrooms, but they are quite distinct from their above-ground relatives. They only grow underneath the ground surface around trees, but truffles also possess a unique flavor all to themselves. It's their rare flavor that makes truffles a highly prized ingredient for cooking professionals and enthusiasts alike.


Truffles are expensive, but you can still enjoy their exclusive taste with truffle butter. It's a quick and convenient addition to any recipe that adds mouth-watering flavor to just about every dish without too much effort.


How Truffle Butter Will Enhance Your Regular Dishes


There are many ways you can enjoy truffle butter. Here are a few of our favorite ideas on how TART-UFO truffle butter can make your dishes more memorable.


Deliciously Moist Burgers


When it's burgers for dinner, cut off a slice of chilled truffle butter and place it in the bun's center before you add a freshly grilled patty. The residual heat will melt the butter without cooking it to create a juicy center, a crispy outer, and leave all flavors intact.


Truffle Butter Enhanced Steak


As we mentioned earlier, truffle butter is a quick and simple way to add delicious flavor and juiciness to a steak. You don't cook the steak with the butter, though, as that will destroy some of the unique flavors. Instead, you top the still sizzling hot steak with the truffle butter, but only when it's on the plate. The butter will melt into the meat to bring out and enhance its moist, savory flavor.


Truffle Butter Infused Poultry


A little truffle butter inserted underneath the skin of a roasting chicken, duck, or turkey will keep the meat moist and tender while adding deep and rich flavors that will ensure nothing remains for leftovers.


Take Your Sandwiches to the Next Level


When you want something quick and filling for lunch, a sandwich is a go-to meal for busy people. Truffle butter can take your sandwiches to the next level. Get your mouth around a European style sandwich topped with bresaola (salted pork, beef, or venison) and slathered with truffle butter. Even the humble grilled cheese sandwich can benefit from a generous portion of melted truffle butter.


Movie Night with Added Truffle Butter


I bet you didn't think popcorn and truffle butter would make good companions, but this recipe [*] will add a new element of flavor to movie night. Popcorn made with duck fat, truffle flavored oil, and a few tablespoons of black truffle butter is easy to make and will be a big hit, so be sure to make some extra.


Truffle Flavored Vegetables


Instead of using the same old dairy butter melted over your steamed veggies, try truffle butter instead. Your taste buds will thank you for the decadent but tasty change.


Add Truffle Butter to Your Picnic Basket


Picnics will never be the same when you pop in a tub of TART-UFO truffle butter to your picnic basket. You can use it to enhance all your regular picnic foods, including bread and salads. It's a rare treat, so spread it on thick, and don't worry about the calories. Everyone deserves a cheat day, especially when truffle butter is on the menu.


Don't Trust Just any Truffle Butter


When you are spicing up your menu with truffle butter, you want to make sure you're only using the best ingredients available. TART-UFO uses black and white truffles for a unique musky flavor with just a hint of garlic. Discerning tastes demand the highest quality ingredients, which is why TART-UFO butter is also created from grass-fed dairy cattle. It's an affordable way to enjoy the unique flavor of truffles and show off your prowess in the kitchen.

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