Everything You Need to Know About TAR-UFO - The Best Truffle Butter


Fortunately for truffle lovers, there's no need to buy truffles by the pound. Instead, the delicious flavors of this highly prized fungus can be savored when using TART-UFO truffle butter in recipes. Whether it's to add a unique taste to your culinary creations or a touch of gourmet to fresh toast, the best truffle butter will never fail to add extra depth to your cooking.


What is TART-UFO Truffle Butter?


The butter in truffle butter is created much the same way as any high-quality butter. However, during the later stages of butter manufacture, truffle bits are added to infuse it with the highly desirable flavors and fragrances for which truffles are famous.


Truffle butter at TART-UFO is made from grass-fed organic dairy and infused with truffle pieces from black and white varieties. This method is the best way to enjoy both types of truffles' unique tastes, which complement each other perfectly when combined in the butter.


It is possible to buy lower truffle butter grades, which are infused with real truffle fragrances, but no physical pieces of truffle. Not including pieces of real truffle means you are missing out on a lot of the truffle experience.


Synthetic truffle fragrances are now used in lower-quality butter, but if you want the genuine experience, always go for the best truffle butter that includes actual pieces of truffle.


Does TART-UFO Truffle Butter Go Bad?


Even the best truffle butter will lose flavor and aroma over time. If you know you will not use your truffle butter for a while and want to save it for a special occasion, pop it into an airtight container and keep it in the freezer. Your truffle butter will stay fresh like that for up to a year.


Is TART-UFO Truffle Butter Expensive?


TART-UFO Truffle butter uses real truffle pieces, which are rare and expensive. For this reason, a tub of TART-UFO truffle butter is a little more costly than ordinary butter. However, you don't need a lot of butter to add real truffle flavor to your recipes, so one tub can go a long way.  In short TART-UFO truffle butter makes the unique flavor of truffles accessible all year round and to more people who would otherwise miss out.


How to Use TART-UFO Truffle Butter


Truffle butter is incredibly versatile in the kitchen. You can use it in just about any recipe that calls for oil or fat. Of course, the balanced flavor of TART-UFO truffle butter means you need to be mindful about how much and when you add it to the dishes and to make sure that you don't cook with it but just infuse the dishes  


Truffle adds extra layers of flavor to just about any meat. Try it on turkey or chicken. Infuse the meat with zesty flavors by rubbing the bird with truffle butter before taking it out of the oven.  The heat of cooking will ensure that every bite is infused with truffle flavor, with a nicely browned and crispy truffle flavored skin.


Burgers are another excellent use for truffle butter. A cold slice of truffle melted over warm hamburgers will imbue the meat with truffle flavored goodness. Even potatoes are enhanced by using truffle butter added during final couple of minutes of baking or adding a slice of cold butter to mashed potatoes.


Vegetarians shouldn't miss out on enjoying the unique taste of truffles, as the flavors work great with all types of vegetables. Add the cold truffle butter to vegetables fresh out of the oven or pot, so it melts all over.

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